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Le Monde

Atomic Media was just mentioned in a blurb on a Le Monde blog on typography. My French is rusty - here is a Google translation: Atomic Media is a small numerical foundry which proposes alphabets bitmap. Readable or not, it is indeed a fashion of expression which was born with Zuzanna Licko (of Emigre) in the Eighties. Today the very accessible typographical tools make it possible ad infinitum to multiply the styles and the variations. The fact remains that their use confers on a text for little that these alphabets are well used, i.e. in a very structured way, structured, an air of indisputable modernity. In total rupture with the humanistic writing of the 15th century. In France Pierre di Sciulio had already tried out these expressions at the end of the Eighties.

Sacramento Signs

An excellent Flickr set of vintage signs from Sacramento, California.

Instant Tape

Instant Tape is a simple, customizable, do-it-yourself signage system. By blacking out elements of a 14-segment display font on the tape, all you need is a black permanent pen to create your own temporary signs, labels and installations.

Go Ahead and Type Something…

Here is a great little flash-photo-animation that animates what you type into a bitmap font rendered in milkcrates.

Typographic Furniture

If you were wondering what to get me as a belated birthday gift, wonder no more. These amazing letter-shaped cabinets from SET26 in Switzerland are amazingly hot! Just $2000 per letter.

Dynamic Font Rendering
This is a new test of on-the-fly font rendering using GD and PHP to convert the text I input in MovableType to fonts of my choosing. It also automatically sizes the height of the image text, depending on the font size and style. There are a few problems - quotes come out with a slash before them, but I am confident this can be overcome.

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