March 15, 2004


iPod of Love...

In the barter section of Craig's List NYC:

"I'll buy you an IPOD if you be my GF for one and 1/2 weeks

I'm having my parents come visit me sometime in the next two weeks and have lied and told them I am dating someone I am in love with. You will only have to come to one dinner. In exchange for this I will buy you an IPOD - yes new - we walk into the store together and buy a new IPOD. Let me know if this interests you, and if you want to be in a loving relationship with all the benefits it brings ;-) I want to pretend we are totally in love."

[If they pull the entry, click on the image to the left for a screenshot]

Posted on March 15, 2004 08:37 PM | Filed under: Media

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