June 02, 2004
simplespeaker.jpg iPod Speakers

"SimpleSpeaker is a very small and light stereo loudspeaker which works without batteries. It can be connected directly with the headphone jack of your iPod without using any audio cable. The foldable design of SimpleSpeaker allows it to use the ipod both in horizontal and vertical position. The SimpleSpeaker packs and travels easily and enables to use the iPod even as a travel alarm clock."


March 19, 2004
blue.jpg Bluetooth headphones coming

From Blueserker:

"Yesterday, I had a chance to play with a bluetooth headphone that was just announced at CeBit. It supports both audio+headset profile.

(this is a prototype, not a final product)

You can listen to iPod, TV or any audio source with it. It supports BT Class 1, so you can go as far as 30 meter (or even more) from the source of audio and feel no degragation in audio quality.

If you someone call you on your bluetooth cellular phone, you just push a button and it will be your bluetooth headset. You can use it with your Mac to do an iChat AV audio chat.

This thing is so cool!"


March 17, 2004
gucci.jpg iPod Dearest...

Gucci has come out with a new iPod case...the catch? It'll set you back $195 USD.

The only question is is whether you can pack your Chihuahua in it...


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