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When I make new fonts or have news, this is where I post it...


  • New font package: DigiPak! Chock full of great display pixel fonts!


  • New font Macroscopic coming out on Monday - here is a sample:


  • Bionika and Bionika Black (a slight name change) have just been released today!


  • We are now selling our fonts at Check them out!


  • We are starting to move over to DigiBuy. What this means for you is faster confirmation of credit cards, faster downloads, and the ability to buy by credit card, check, money order or wire. You can also purchase over the phone or by FAX with your credit card if you like.
  • New Font Alert: Bionik and Bionik Black are coming out in the next week or so - keep a look out!


  • I wrote a little tutorial at on how to make pixel fonts for Flash. Check it out in their tutorial section!
  • I want to use Dynamic Fonts in this new site design, but can't figure out how to make it work with Netscape and IE seamlessly. Anyone know how?


  • Just redesigned the site a little bit. CSS is neato! Plus, I have EIGHT new fonts coming out in the next few months. Things are crazy here!