March 20, 2004

my room

Room2.gif Room2a.gif Toilet.gif

this is my room for the month of april. pretty nice?! it is a dorm-like accomidation for students all over the world with a shared living area and kitchen. it is right in the heart of barcelona-barri gothic...the oldest part of barcelona. it is next to the well known street called "las ramblas" which is a street full of art, music and thrift shops...perfect!...all my favorite things! and it is close to the beach. i couldn't ask for anything better. this place is just temporary because i'm going to look for 'flatmates' once i'm there.

this place is a good deal...especially during off season. they have many rooms available and they will provide you with pictures of the room you are interested in. my room is 325 euros a month. they have larger and more beautiful rooms for a good price. i recomend anybody traveling to barcelona to check it is a much better deal than any youth hostle and, of course, any hotel (if you are staying for at least a month). if interested you can contact luisa at: [email protected]
she has been extremley helpful! hasta pronto!

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March 17, 2004

ciao...fourteen more days till my trip

matthew and i are having a beer and creating who knows what on this page...i soon will know what it's all about...

spain.gif i get it!!! this is like a diary i get to share with all of you! please feel free to express anything you want. please, come and explore with me!!!

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