April 03, 2004

Iīm here....

it is 2:21pm here 6:21am your time....

hi everyone...iīm here and it has so far been extremley scary. i had about a 24hour flight...exausted...i took a taxi to where iīm staying and...of course...the taxi driver canīt take me all the way to my door because there are winding cobblestone streets everywhere with broken glass and garbage thrown on the side streets waiting for the garbage man to pick it up... and it smells like vomit and piss (brett wasnīt kidding).so just imagine...11p.m. walking around and around and around with glossy eyed people staring at me while i struggled with my 2 large luggage...backpack...purse...and....iīm sure i was a tempting site. but i made it safley to my door. i live on the fifth floor...with no elevator. the stairs to go up are dark, dindgy...and dirty. i finally made it to the top and met toni...the caretaker of the apartments...very nice guy from cezcoslovacia who spoke very broken english...we understood eachother perfectly! he showed me around and i got the rules and etc..etc...

so far today i found this little internet place where i can e-mail all of you it is only one euro per hour
! this has been my highlight of the day since i got pickpocketed at las ramblas earlier and iīm down 150 euros...thatīs about $200.00...no...things havenīt been so smooth yet! but....if something doesnīt kill you...it only makes you stronger...right!!! right!!!???

well i havenīt eaten in about two days...but i finally have water!!!!! i donīt know where to go...i donīt feel like exploring...iīm alone.....well....honestly.....iīm a bit frightened!

i met a girl on the plane from london to barcelona....her name is montsi and she gave me a phone number of a friend of hers who has a language school here. when i feel a bit more brave...i will venture out and check it out.

untill next time...pray for me....they are very well recieved and appreciated!

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March 20, 2004

my room

Room2.gif Room2a.gif Toilet.gif

this is my room for the month of april. pretty nice?! it is a dorm-like accomidation for students all over the world with a shared living area and kitchen. it is right in the heart of barcelona-barri gothic...the oldest part of barcelona. it is next to the well known street called "las ramblas" which is a street full of art, music and thrift shops...perfect!...all my favorite things! and it is close to the beach. i couldn't ask for anything better. this place is just temporary because i'm going to look for 'flatmates' once i'm there.

this place is a good deal...especially during off season. they have many rooms available and they will provide you with pictures of the room you are interested in. my room is 325 euros a month. they have larger and more beautiful rooms for a good price. i recomend anybody traveling to barcelona to check it out...it is a much better deal than any youth hostle and, of course, any hotel (if you are staying for at least a month). if interested you can contact luisa at: [email protected]
she has been extremley helpful! hasta pronto!

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