Mayor Huang visited The Hall of Fame of Baseball in Tokyo

The Mayor of Chiai City, Taiwan, Ms. Huang paid a visit to the renowned Baseball Hall of Fame in Tokyo, Japan, at 19th of June 2014. The reason for the visit is to present a statue made of bronze of the late, yet legendary WU Ming-Jie to the Commissioner of Nippon Professional Baseball and the president of the museum and Hall of fame of Tokyo baseball, Katsuhiko Kumazaki.
When Taiwan was still one of the colonies of Japan, the legendary pitcher named Ming-Jie helped bring victory to the used-to-be Kagi Norin Junior High School baseball team, even manage to bring them as far to the prestigious Koshien tournament back then in 1931.
It is said that the inspirational story of sensational feat has been made into an adaption of a movie, titled “Kano”. The movie was released in Taiwan at February this year. The Mayor said that the film was a success that the profit reached a whooping NT$ 300, approximately 9.88 million when converted to US dollars. As for japan, the movie will be released in next year, in the early months or so.
Kumazaki stated that the present will help people beyond generations to appreciate the history of baseball in japan with its up-lifting, inspirational feeling. While thanking the Mayor for her present. It is said that the statue will be exhibited in the Museum permanently, in the section of high school baseballs.

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