5 Post Template WordPress Plugins

5 Post Template WordPress Plugins

Templates make it possible to quickly create styled posts that do not require much more than writing the content and adding in your images. This makes it much simpler for many writers, especially if they create their post templates by hand and want it ready for use right away.

Post Templates – This changes the post template for individual posts or even for entire categories if you specify. This is very useful for blogs that need to change the default template for their posts quickly.

Simple Post Template – This plugin allows bloggers to really take advantage of their posting format by adding a template to their posts. It is highly customizable and easy to use.

Custom Post Template – This is a versatile post template plugin that has increased functionality. Allows you to create different post templates and offers a drop down menu to select the one you wish to use easily.

Single Post Template – Easy to use template manager that offers a drop down list of preconfigured templates. Very useful for a blog that has many different styles of posts but requires help with templates.

Serial Posts – This is a tool that can be used to create special templates to use with your WordPress blog. It is complicated, but can easily do much more with your blog posts once configured properly.

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