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7 Rating Plugins for WordPress

Ratings can be beneficial to any blog site and can help visitors understand the views of the author of each post. Ratings systems can range from simple stars counts or percentage numbers.

Post Star Rating – A very useful plugin which allows for WordPress blog readers to rate posts in a classic 5 star rating scheme...

4 Antivirus Plugins for WordPress

WordPress blogs are prone to being attacked in many ways. One simple way to protect your blog as well as the readers who visit your page is by integrating an antivirus plugin. These plugins are great for use towards virus protection from spammers and more.

Anti Virus – This is a useful plugin to help protect...

7 WordPress Stats Plugins

7 WordPress Stats Plugins

Knowing the statistical data of your WordPress site is very important. Special plugins are available that help you keep track of all of the statistical data that matters to you.

WP-Advanced-Stats-Viewer – This is an advanced stats tracking plugin which makes it much easier to understand the stats from your WordPress blog.

WP Stats – Useful plugin...