7 Rating Plugins for WordPress

Ratings can be beneficial to any blog site and can help visitors understand the views of the author of each post. Ratings systems can range from simple stars counts or percentage numbers.

Post Star Rating – A very useful plugin which allows for WordPress blog readers to rate posts in a classic 5 star rating scheme to help viewers gauge the importance of the post or review.

Rate Anything – Useful plugin for any WordPress blog, allowing you to create rated posts as well as categories to rate and much more.

Rate It – Function collection plugin that is designed to allow you to add a rating to each post on your WordPress blog.

Star Rating for Reviews – Useful plugin for assigning a rating to each post on your WordPress Blog with customizable categories as well. Stores data in your WordPress database which can be accessed by intuitive tags.

GD Star Rating – Easy to use collection of options in the plugin to create a rating and review system for your WordPress blogs.

Blogarate User Style Rating Widget – Useful widget plugin designed to allow users to rate your blog posts and provide statistics on how many people viewed and rated the posts.

Xavin’s Review Ratings – A highly customizable review and ratings plugin for your WordPress Blog Posts that offers different styles as well as options to customize the feel of the ratings.

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