7 AdSense Plugins for WordPress

7 AdSense Plugins for WordPress

Having an easy way to insert any and all AdSense code to work with your site is important. Looking into the following plugins can ensure that you get your AdSense code working correctly on your site.

Advertising Manager – Useful plugin for rotating your Google AdSense advertisements with other supported ad networks as well as unsupported ad networks as well.

Adsense Revenue Sharing 1.2 – A very simple to use plugin which allows you to insert your AdSense ads into any post. The plugin also allows you to share between co-authors as well.

All in One Adsense and YPN – Automatically inserts your Adsense ads as well as Yahoo Publisher Network ads into your posts.

Adsense Under Image – This plugin detects the first image in your post and inserts the Adsense code automatically. If no image is detected, the plugin will not put in the Adsense code.

AskApache Firefox Adsense – Makes Adsense ads only appear for visitors who are using Microsoft Windows as well as Internet Explorer, excluding those using Firefox.

Adsense Attachement Page – Adds attachements to your post which can be expanded, while providing exposure for your Adsense ads with ease.

WP Simple Adsense Insertion – Simple to use Adsense plugin for biginners with newer WordPress websites to easily integrate Adsense ads for any website with a call function.

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