Maintaining A Competitive Advantage In Ecommerce Website Design And Development

Maintaining A Competitive Advantage In Ecommerce Website Design And Development

As the adage goes stronger the armor brighter are the chances of winning the war, In today’s world when internet is the new marketing battlefield and the E commerce website is the armor. Leveraging your E commerce web design and development can give you the advantage that can win you the race with your rivals.

Registration: Register your E commerce website with a .com extension. A website with these extensions is statistically known to have more hits than similar domain names with different extensions. Securing a domain name for you E commerce website with these extensions will give your the most important competitive advantage “The recall

Relevant content: Try to make the content of E commerce website as relevant as possible. Entice your customers into wanting to stay longer on your E commerce website, furnish as much information as possible, and tell them what is in it for them? Research the keywords that are most contextually relevant to your business. Search engine Optimize your E commerce website so as to make sure that the E commerce website ranks search engines when a user makes a search relevant to your business.

E commerce Web design and development: A customer typically does not like to spend more than 30 sec in evaluating a website. If within these 30 sec the customer gets the information he/she is searching for then chances are they would stay and explore the website and possibly even make a purchase. A good website design in terms of navigability, content, layout and graphics can give your business that advantage over others.

Navigability: Keep the Navigability of the E commerce website as simple as possible keep the number of clicks to minimum for the visitor who is searching for a product.

Testimonials are an important component that can make a lot of difference. A well written testimonial from other customers wins the confidence of the buyer in your product. Money back guarantee also reinforces customer’s faith into your product.

Give the potential buyers variety of choices to pickup from when they are ordering a product. Offer them option of phone calling to place an order besides being able to place the order online.

Robust Information architecture: A winning E commerce web design and development has to be backed up with robust information architecture. The integration of the front end and backend of the website has to be seamless. What differentiates a good E commerce website from not so good ones is the ease of purchase for the customers.

Secure server and payment gateway: Install a secure server and a reliable payment gateway to make sure the customer’s information is safeguarded and verified as well.

Your E commerce website design is not just your ticket to winning  but it is also the face of your business to the customers, better your website is more trust the potential customers  will have in your business and hence the product.

Katt DelaCruz is a contributing writer and intern at [MN] [MN] is a web design and creative design studio based out of Miami, Florida USA. If you need assistance with ecommerce web site development or need ecommerce website design & development [MN] will exceed your expectations an assure you results.

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