Vital Points Worth Considering While Planning A Landing Page Design For Your Website

Vital Points Worth Considering While Planning A Landing Page Design For Your Website

User interface and landing page designs are very vital aspect of the website to any internet market. This is because it is generally believed that easy user interface of any website helps to build confidence in the site and the landing page design helps to either pre-sell or build mailing list. Custom web development studios have come up with tips that even inexperienced web designer can use to make their landing page look professional.

A web development studio offers the characteristic that make a landing page good and convenient for the web visitor.

Essentially, your landing page should be precise and to the point. If it is the visitor contact details you are seeking with the landing page, make it appealing for them to give their email or any other contact. Give them positive reasons why filling in their email while on your landing page is a good decision. You may offer some freebie to complete your lure. Ensure that whatever reason you are giving your visitor to give their email to you matches what they are looking for, if not the visitor may just retreat soon as your site opens and you have lost a potential customer.

The tips, according to web development studios, to having a good landing page include making your landing page clean and simple. Avoid complexity in your landing page and minimize the use of colors. Do not use more than three color combinations and also keep the content brief and to the point. Your visitor may by bored by an elaborate write-up on your landing page so keep it précised. Note that it is always best to use Ariel, Geneva or Helvetica fonts.

Make your page attractive but simple. Ensure that that your visitor’s attention is caught in the first 5 seconds. This is important because your visitor may need a little as that 5 second to decide if he had found what is worth reading more on your landing page.

In considering the user interface and landing page design of your site, make sure that you do not scare the potential web visitor by asking too many questions as address, date of birth, phone number e.t.c. You may ask for these if it is absolutely necessary and depending on the type of service you render. In the normal marketing website, it is enough to just ask your visitor to fill in his name and email and assure them that this information is safe with you and will not be used for any spamming purpose. When they eventually fill in their names and email, it is very important that you keep your own part of the agreement by not spamming on them or even selling those email addresses.

A visitor friendly user interface and landing page design are essential and integral part of any web success. Do it right and you must have positioned your web business for more profits.

Katt DelaCruz is a contributing writer and intern at [MN] [MN] is a web design and creative design studio based out of Miami, Florida USA. If you need assistance with effective web design consultant or need website design [MN] will exceed your expectations and assure you results.

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