Which Color Can Increase Your Sales?

Which Color Can Increase Your Sales?

Most web designers love to look good and in most cases this means original graphics with a strong use of color. Yet, are there certain colors that have a bigger impact than others? The answer is a resounding Yes!

The strongest color with the most affect on website visitors is RED. In fact, I’m willing to bet that once you scrolled down to start reading this post, your eye was immediately drawn to the word “red” in the previous sentence. The color red has been proven by psychologists to be the most attention grabbing color.

Traffic Light Theory
There is no coincidence that the color used in traffic lights to tell you to stop is red. It practically yells at you to Stop! On a web page the color red does the same thing. It will subconsciously draw the eye.

There is a second color that is nearly as powerful as the color red in gaining your attention. Can you guess what it is? If you thought of the traffic light, then you probably got it right –Yellow

A Doubled-Edged Sword
Using these two bold colors on a website will be sure to get the visitor’s attention, yet using them can also be a double-edged sword. Red and yellow will draw attention better than any other colors – period. So use them at your peril. When used randomly, they can create a visual field of confusion for the website visitor that actually inhibits them from making any choices – like clicking on your Add To Cart button.

Rule of Thumb
Use Red and Yellow sparingly and only to draw the visitor’s attention to 1 or 2 areas that are most important (usually the place on the page where you want the visitor to take some kind of action, like joining your mailing list or buying your product).

While awesome looking graphics and bold colors are nice and might help a web designer receive a higher fee, websites are created to serve the visitor so they can hopefully take the action desired by the website owner.

If used correctly, red and yellow can help subconsciously persuade your visitors to take the actions you desire, and hopefully create a positive website experience that they tell others about, even if they don’t mention your use of color.

Steve Dimmick is the founder and owner of AI Design Creative, a Fort Collins Web Design company based in Colorado. As a creative visionary, Steve helps his clients create profitable businesses by providing more than just a great looking website, he creates websites that sell.

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