A Smart and Quick Web Design Technique that Increases Profits

A Smart and Quick Web Design Technique that Increases Profits

The problem with a lot of web designers is that their skill is well, web design and by this I mean they create beautiful interfaces and all of the the stuff that we like to look at and interact with and of course, this has it’s rightful and important place in the digital landscape but often the point of the site is often overlooked.

Where many web sites fall over, and I’m talking specifically in terms of transactional sites, is that they look great but in actual fact they don’t do what they are supposed to do – convert traffic into leads or sales or whatever you else you use as a benchmark for your web site’s success.

So without further ado I’m going to introduce you to a simple technique that will increase your conversions and that is not yet widely used in the internet marketing and that any web designer can integrate in just 5 minutes. In fact, it is not just something you can implement on your own site but on the web sites belonging to others in related sectors.

Let’s start with some basics. If you haven’t heard of the ‘sales funnel’ it is the journey that a prospect takes to get to a conversion.

So something like a user does a Google search on a keyword that takes them to your web site sub page, they then enter their details to get to a download offer page. That would be a typical example. For digital marketers getting relevant prospects into their sales funnel and converting them is the number one priority as converted prospects are far easier to sell to than cold ones.

With this in mind consider this journey. A user arrives at your web site and decides to sign up to your report about weight loss. They fill in their details and submit the form and great, they are now in your list. It is at this point that many web sites miss a trick. At this moment the prospect is at their hottest as they have just traded their details for your report and trust you as a resource but what does your web site do? It pops up with a virtually blank page that says ‘thank you for signing up’ and that’s it. What a waste!

Now is the time to hit them with an even better offer. All you have to do is link to it and boom, you might just make a sale. Now stay with me though because this gets 10 times more powerful.

Consider how you can use this technique to leverage the traffic on other peoples web sites. Remember the sales funnel? Well most good web sites have their’s figured out and get a lot of traffic signing up for offers and news and the like. All you have to do is get your offer into their sales funnel.

You are probably thinking why would anyone let me do that and if so how?

Well this bit is easy as it is a win/win situation. All you have to do is source the highest traffic web sites related to your offer (I’ll get to that in a minute) and contact them.

Your offer to them is simple, you want to put an affiliate link to your product on their sign up ‘thank you’ page (which 999 times out of a 1000 has no perceived value to them) and you will give them whatever percentage you deem appropriate. You can even offer to put together the HTML for them yourself! How could they refuse?

The incredible thing about these thank you pages pages is that they are incredibly targeted as previously mentioned, these are people that are actively looking for similar products or services and are hot right now!

To find web sites that will benefit you is quite easy too. Just do a Google search using your top industry keyword plus “privacy is important”. This will return pages in your sector that have sign up forms on them. From there you will need to use a tool like SEO for Firefox to gather some data.

You need to target sites that get good traffic so check out the Alexa ranking and the PageRank before you go wildly pinging emails to every site in the top 10 for your search. Then all you have to do is send a nicey nice email discussing your offer in you win I win terms and that should be that.

If you think about this, who in their right mind would turn you down? Sign up thank you pages are already in place so there is no development outlay and it is an opportunity for the web site to make money without lifting a finger.

For you the benefits should now be obvious and not only will you make money on auto-pilot you will also be building your own list. Not bad for a few minutes work?

Jason Brooks is lead digital marketing consultant at Brooks Digital Marketing, search engine optimisation and web design Derby UK. Jason provides digital strategy, web site design, build and internet marketing to clients throughout the UK.

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