Free Stuff for commercial web designers

There is plenty of ‘free’ stuff available for web designers online, and it is great for building personal web sites, and really handy for increasing your skill-set however most of the stuff that is available comes with a proviso. The proviso is “For Non Commercial Use”.

So you can find everything you could possibly desire from Photoshop Brushes and Vectors to icon sets, graphics, images and backgrounds. However after hours of searching for that perfect resource you find that it is for “Personal Use Only”. This can be extremely frustrating, however there are plenty of artists, designers and creatives who make their stuff completely and freely available for commercial use.

So if your looking to complete a project on a very tight budget then you should take a look at some of these resources. The sites listed offer more than a single freebie for webmasters so they will be useful for future projects too, so well worth bookmarking.

I have tried to find as many resources that do not require credit or attribution, however proceed with caution. The sites do allow commercial use, but you must check for, read and understand the terms as listed by the authors.

So from themes to vectors and brushes to PSD templates you will find gigabytes of content at these sites. Remember all the templates at are free for commercial use too. If you have a resource yourself then feel free to let us know by using the comments function, we look forward to checking them out.

Smashing Magazine
Possibly the best of the best. It includes Themes, Iconsets, PSD Templates and Brushes all free for commercial use.

Another great resource which provides free textures, brushes, and vectors. This site is constantly releasing more freebies.

Various collections or packs of high quality textures some containing as many as 300 textures. Some awesome grungy stuff.

Creative Commons Photos
Public Domain Photos offers free audio, images, text, video, and other formats that are available for commercial purposes depending on the license.

When we share, everyone wins
Free Vector Graphics to help you create your clipart. All the Vector Art is available for commercial use.
Colorburned provides lots of free stuff for commercial use including particulalrly fantastic brushes for Illustrator, they also offer photoshop brushes, vectors, textures and much more.

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