Web 3.0; The Next Generation

Web 3.0; The Next Generation

After the huge success of Web 2.0 applications like social networking, rich media, blogs etc, many people are wondering about the Web 3.0 applications. People are thinking about the potential of Web 3.0 to revolutionize the web.

Internet experts believe that Mobile applications are expected to play a big role in Web 3.0 as many companies are building upon apps allowing consumers to locate friends through their mobiles in their local area.

They believe that Web 3.0 browser will act like a personal assistant and will perform tasks like search for movies and food faster and easier.

It will analyze the response of its users from its records and will search the Internet for all possible answers and it then gives them the organized results. Users might be able to ask browsers open questions like “where should I go for lunch?” and Web 3.0 browser would consult users records for likes or dislikes, taken into account of the user current location it then suggests a list of restaurants.

Some of the world’s largest technology companies like Google and Apple have already launched their smart phone handsets and Google has also made mobile numbers mandatory for signing up for a new Google account; this gives us the idea of the importance of mobile phones in Web 3.0.

For businesses in the social space this could be incredibly helpful not only in staying on track, but in measuring how brands are engaging consumers. One part of this is measuring how effective social campaigns are in pushing the envelope to build more recognition.

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