10 Awesome Magazine Themes That Don’t Cost a Thing

Mimbo: Although the base of the design itself is quite simple, this free magazine theme can be used to create an extremely attractive website.  In addition to the featured content box at the top of the theme, this theme allows you to showcase plenty of other pieces of content on the homepage.

Church WordPress Theme: Another member of the latest generation of the Revolution family of themes, Church is a three column theme with a great looking color scheme.  Church does a great job of balancing the amount of content and advertisements on each page.

The Morning After: Thanks to its expert use of white space, The Morning After theme is able to fit a lot of content onto its homepage without feeling cluttered or crowded.  If you need a theme that displays a lot of content but still has clean feeling to it, you should take a look at The Morning After right now.

Wynton Magazine: Although it’s a “premium style” theme, Wynton Magazine is absolutely free for you to download and use.  If you need a theme with elegance and sophistication, you are going to like this gray and gold beauty.  I like the fact that instead of cramming a 728×90 advertising unit at the top of the page, Wynton Magazine places it in between the featured content and the additional content blurbs at the bottom of the page.

Overstand Theme: With a simple but effective black, gray and orange color scheme, this free magazine theme will appeal to anyone who appreciates minimalist designs.  Like The Morning After theme, the great use of white space in this theme keeps it from feeling overwhelming to visitors.

The Original Premium News: Altough it was originally a premium theme (I actually bought it about a year and a half ago), WooThemes has made the decision to begin releasing this theme for free.  In addition to looking great, this theme has a lot of great functionality built directly into it.

Branford Magazine: Inspired by two other designers who have work on this list (Brian Gardner and Darren Hoyt), this is a clean looking theme that is packed with all of the features that you expect from a quality magazine theme.

Lifestyle WordPress Theme: Created by the same designer as the Church WordPress Theme (Brian Gardner), this magazine theme features a calm color scheme that would work quite well for a wide variety of projects.  To top things off, this theme features an interactive featured content section at the top of the homepage.

Rebel Magazine Theme: With over two hundred comments on the post that announced the release of this free magazine theme, I think it is safe to say that Rebel Magazine definitely qualifies as a popular free WordPress theme.

Magadine: With the ability to add a fairly large image to the homepage blurb that links to each piece of content, Magadine is a great choice if you need a theme that provides plenty of visual stimulation to visitors.

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