5 CAPTCHA WordPress Plugins

CAPTCHA WordPress tools are designed to prevent unwanted spam posts, registrations and comments on your WordPress blog site. This can be used by any blog with the appropriate plugins put into place.

Simple CAPTCHA – A very simple and secure plugin that allows the prevention of spam posts on your WordPress blog. It is very easy to use by simply installing and activating the plugin.

WP CAPTCHA Free – This is actually a system of blocking tools that prevents the need to use a CAPTCHA code on your comments and other portions of the WordPress blog.

SI CAPTCHA Anti Spam – This is a very simple to use CAPTCHA system that asks those commenting to input the phrase shown before they can actually comment. It is compatible with Akismet and BuddyPress

GEO CAPTCHA – This uses an advanced system to show CAPTCHA verifications to those from other countries. Uses the IP addresses to actually locate the server they are visiting through and allows certain countries access without the need for a CAPTCHA phrase.

WP Number CAPTCHA – This is a very useful anti spam method that provides simple mathematical problems that must be solved correctly by the commentator before they can post their comments on your blog.

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