7 Comment Management Plugins for WordPress

7 Comment Management Plugins for WordPress

Efficient comment management is essential to allowing you to take better control of what is posted on your blogs. You can rest assured knowing that you could approve or deny comments right away.

Better Comments Manager – This is a comment manager that is designed to allow the admin to manage comments from within the admin panel. The plugin uses Ajax to respond to comments more efficiently.

Ozh’ Absolute Comments – Comment manager that is designed to allow you to instantly reply to comments through the manage comments administration page or through the comment notification e-mails.

Comment Inbox – This plugin makes it possible to only receive non-spam comments into your comment moderation inbox making it easy to manage your comments manually.

Comment Change Status – Easy to use e-mail based comment management system. Can be used with e-mail enabled cell phones on the go without logging into Wp-admin!

Live Comment Preview – Provides a live preview of the comment when being types to prevent the need to go back and edit by seeing it in advance.

Paged Comments – This plugin is designed to allow for separate pages when there are several comments on a single post.

Ajax Comment Posting – This is a simple Ajax based comment system with several comment management tools that make it possible to easily manage comments.

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