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Brownie Magazine Theme


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Features :

How to show posts in featured posts carousal?
Activate featureme plugin and check the blue “Feature this post….” check box at the bottom of add/edit post page. Create a custom field called “image_252_224″ and post a link to 25×224 image in its value

How to show videos
Create a separate category for videos and select it for videos in the theme options page. All the posts in this category will show up one below another on the homepage. you can set how many video to show in theme options. Create a custom field “video_297_233″ and post the link to a you tube video ( the one in embed source )

How to show images in recent posts
Create a custom field called “image_77_98″ and post a link to 97×77 image

How to show an image in category box
Create a custom field (in the lastes post of that category) called “image_240_72″ and post a link to 240×72 in its value

How to show gallery?
Activate nexgen gallery, create a gallery, upload images and select a gallery to show in theme options page.

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