Convert Boring Old Websites to one’s that are Exciting and New

Convert Boring Old Websites to one’s that are Exciting and New

Just about every web user has experienced landing on a website that just looks old.  Normally a quick scroll to the bottom of the page confirms the site copyright is from 2007 or worse.  To today’s web surfer, this two to three year old site may as well be a hundred years old.

If you were having guests for dinner, would you serve them two year-old leftovers.  Obviously not.  Why then are so many websites serving up two year-old content?  Two of the biggest reasons are:  First, it used to be enough just to have a website and a static site was fine.  Second, adding content was difficult and could be expensive.

Content Management Systems to the Rescue
Because of the rapid increase in social media applications such as blogging and sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace, website visitors expect something more than three year old content.  They expect to see fresh relevant content, to be able to create content and form communities.

Content Management Systems are the answer.  Previously the cost of a Content Management System (CMS) was prohibitive to the small business owner that wanted to establish a presence on the internet.  Now, however, CMS’s are available at little to no cost to provide a solution to the boring, static web 1.0 site.  Two of the best open-source platforms are Joomla and WordPress.

Six Ways to Web 2.0′ize a Website

Joomla vs WordPress – The Great Debate
Among the web development community the question of whether to use Joomla or WordPress can cause quite a stir.  A recent posting by Barrie North, one of the original Joomla programmers, recently posted five reasons why to use Joomla instead of WordPress.  In my opinion, Joomla is best for website development.  Extensions are plentiful, and some are outright amazing and best of all are very inexpensive.  And WordPress is best for blogging.  Clearly both platforms can do the job, but I chose to pick the best of both worlds and use them together.

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