Do You Want to Know Where to Find Free Drupal Themes? This is the official homepage of the Drupal project.  At, you can find a wide variety of themes that you can download for free.  This official website gives you the ability to browse the free Drupal themes by name or release date.  Additionally, if you sign-up for a free user account, you can use the Drupal Core compatibility filter to further refine your search results.  One important thing to keep in mind is that if you come across a theme that was released for a 5.x version of Drupal, these themes will not function correctly with any 6.x installation of Drupal.

Theme Garden: Theme Garden is a Drupal blog that is dedicated to showcasing free Drupal themes.  The interesting thing about Theme Garden is that they showcase each theme by actually applying it to their blog.  So, if you click one of the theme links in the sidebar, the theme you selected will be applied to the Theme Garden website.  While many websites use screenshots or demos to showcase themes, Theme Garden allows you to see the theme used on a real website.  If you decide that you like a theme once you see it applied to the Theme Garden, you will be able to find the download link on the left side of the website. In addition to providing themes for Joomla and WordPress, also offers themes for Drupal (they currently have close to four hundred themes specifically for Drupal on their website).  While some of their themes do cost money (which can range from $35 to over $60), you can also find quite a few themes that can be downloaded for free.  Thanks to their easy to use navigation, it only takes two clicks to narrow your choices down to themes that are free and made specifically for Drupal (the link at the beginning of this description goes directly to that selection).

20 Two Column Drupal Themes: Although the Mashable blog obviously covers more than just Drupal and its themes, they did create this great post with twenty different Drupal themes, so I thought it was worth including in this list.  All of the themes in this list feature two column layouts.

All Drupal Themes: As its name says, this website is completely dedicated to providing its visitors with Drupal themes.  Best of all, not only are all of the themes on this website high quality, but they are all completely free to download and use.  This website also has a blog that keeps up with the latest happenings from the Drupal development world.

20 Three Column Drupal Themes: After I found the 20 Two Column Drupal Themes post on Mashable, I was digging around the blog to see if they had any additional Drupal posts, and I came across this one.  Once again, it’s twenty free Drupal themes, but this post features themes that all have a three column layout.

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