7 Ad Management Plugins for WordPress

7 Ad Management Plugins for WordPress

Revenue generation is important to run a successful blog. With Ad management plugins you can streamline the process of making money online and concentrate on blogging.

Proximic Ad Manager – Allows you to use Proximic Ads on your WordPress blog to increase online revenue from the company. Regularly rotates advertisements for each visitor that comes to your WordPress blog.

Sponser Ad Management – A great Ad management system to use with your WordPress blogs which can be used to manage many Ads for many different sites. Different Ad networks are configurable with this plugin.

Ozh’ Who Sees Ads – Ad management plugin with special rules system to determine who will be viewing Ads. Can be configured to show Ads only to certain visitors.

AdSpeed Ad Server – Great plugin to track and report statistics about impressions, clicks, revenue and conversions for your AdSpeed account.

Kadom Ads Management – Easy to use plugin that is designed to manage rotating banner Ads on your WordPress blog through PHP functions.

Advertising Manager – Useful plugin to rotate Google Adsense Ads and other Ads from other Ad Networks to earn revenue from different programs at once.

Ad-minister – Useful Ad manager which can be used to rotate Ads and other static content you wish to show on your page.

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