The 5 Top Free Themes for Video blogs

As the web becomes a more interactive medium, many bloggers are making the transition to include more multimedia elements into their blog, such as photos and videos. While the majority of bloggers still use text as their primary communication medium and simply supplement it with the other multimedia elements, there is a small but growing percentage of bloggers who are making the complete transition to video.

Whether you call them videobloggers, vloggers or simply bloggers, these people are using a different method to connect with their audiences. Therefore, it seems logical that they would want a theme with different features than a standard blog. Whether you are just getting into the world of video blogging or have been doing it for some time, I’ve gathered the five best free themes for any blogger focused on video. You can use one of these themes to launch a new video blog, or to give your existing vlog a fresh look.

Revolution TV: The official video blog theme of Brian Gardner’s new line of free Revolution themes, Revolution TV is a clean looking theme for video bloggers. In addition to highlighting the latest post, the Revolution TV theme does a good job of showcasing other recent posts. Because it allows you to display text, this theme can be a good choice for bloggers who are making the transition from a more traditional blog to a primarily video based blog. (although the most prominent download links for this theme are paid support versions, you will see that Brian offers a free download link at the bottom of the page).

Videographer: If you are uploading your video blog posts to YouTube, this is the perfect theme for you. The Videographer theme uses the WP YouTube plugin to create a wonderful looking video blog. The latest posts are displayed in a column on the homepage and feature a screenshot from the video, along with the title and description. Additionally, the theme uses the WP PostRatings plugin, so your visitors can rate your posts on the homepage or within the post themselves.

Video Blog: While the other four themes on this list all have two columns, if you are looking for a theme with three columns, Video Blog is the choice for you. This theme displays your video posts in two columns, and then uses the third column on the right side of the theme to display the standard navigational units and other sidebar content.

Tumblelog: In response to the popular Tumblr platform, Zeo created the Tumblelog theme for WordPress. As you would expect from a theme that emulates Tumblr, the theme is focused on providing a clear stream of the latest posts. Because of the elegant but minimalist design of this theme, it’s a great choice for bloggers who want a simple way to showcase their video content.

VideoBlog: With a primarily gray color scheme, VideoBlog is a well laid out theme with two columns. Like the Videographer theme, this theme allows users to rate each of the posts that you make on your video blog.

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