6 Review Site WordPress Plugins

6 Review Site WordPress Plugins

Formatting everything in blog posts separately for a review can be very tiresome. Having the ability to easily create reviews is important for many review sites.

Stumble Reviews – Allows you to show reviews about your WordPress blog on from Stumbleupon toolbar users on your blogs. Improves the look and feel of your WordPress blog with these reviews by real people.

My Review – Plugin designed to offer the writer a formatted writing page that shows the pros and cons of a product, service or anything at all. Usually very useful for a review type blog website.

Mombly Review Rating – This plugin is made to allow you to place a review on any of your WordPress blog posts. Uses a simple intuitive custom tag that allows the review score to be posted, even with custom stars.

Starred Review – An essential review plugin for any site that wishes to post plain reviews on their WordPress blog posts.

Review Box – Reviews made possible through a box that is displayable within the post or on the page with pros, cons and review bar that is simple to use.

Pendig Reviews Dashboard Widget – Allows you to see pending reviews for posts through the dashboard. Can be customized to show how many are pending and whether or not author data is included.

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