7 YouTube WordPress Plugins

7 YouTube WordPress Plugins

Having YouTube videos on your WordPress blog site is a very simple way to show your viewers a wide range of things. Whether it is a product commercial to an emotional video, viewers respond to them well.

YouTube Brackets – This is an easy to use plugin which allows for YouTube videos to be inserted with simple bracket tags. This can be done on any WordPress blog installation with ease.

Genki YouTube Comments – This allows you to post comments on your YouTube videos onto your WordPress blog without having to copy and paste them. Automatically updates itself when there are new posts on your videos.

WP YouTube – This is a great YouTube video management system that only requires you to have the video ID. The system calls up and formats the video how you need it for your WordPress Blog.

Smart YouTube – This plugin allows you to insert YouTube videos and playlists easily into your posts, comments and RSS feeds. It gives you greater control over where you can place content on your WordPress blog.

YouTube Widget – This is a simple WordPress Widget that allows you to display a video on your blog.

Random YouTube Video – Sidebar widget that is designed to call a random YouTube video that you can manage in the admin controls.

[GWA] Google YouTube Video Bar – Allows you to add targeted content to your WordPress blog through Google.

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